A Brief Intro

My name is Scott Kitun and I’m a Chicago-based entrepreneur focused on building and investing in startups that leverage media as a core competency.

As CEO of Technori, I've played a small role in shaping Chicago into one of the largest and most inclusive tech ecosystems in the world by creating the first-ever radio show and event series that enabled startups to fundraise directly from a live audience of both accredited and retail investors; resulting in more than $350 million invested via equity crowdfunding, angel groups, and traditional venture capital.

As an operator, I've successfully acquired and sold two companies while investing in nearly a dozen other startups (including 4 with exits). 

My Mission

Investing in startups is still mostly a rich man’s game and I want to change that.

So, every week I write a Substack featuring a startup that I'm looking to invest in and if you dig it, you can all invest right along with me via equity crowdfunding (if you don't know what that is, click here).

Why Subscribe

If you’re interested in self-directed investing; from startups to crypto and public markets, my Substack is a great way to learn how professional investors screen, review and pull the trigger on deals.

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Scott Kitun
Co-founder of @songfinch, @technori, and early investor in Republic.com.