Nov 19, 2019 • 28M

Cubii Caters to a Market Their Competitors Ignore

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Scott Kitun is joined by a rotating cast of tech and media personalities to break down the latest in startupland.
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The struggle to get from work to the gym is real. Arnav Dalmia realized that all but the most dedicated gym-goers find it challenging to fit in regular exercise. So he originally founded Cubii to make it easier to be active while at work. The company’s mission has evolved from there. He first pitched the under-desk mini elliptical machines to the Technori Showcase in 2015, when the company was known as Fitness Cubed. After launching with the intent of helping cooped-up office workers, Cubii quickly gained popularity with another demographic — one often ignored by the fitness industry. “I started to get these phone calls from customers talking about how Cubii had changed their life, and they were not using Cubii at their desk, they were using Cubii for rehab,” Arnav says. “We changed the mission of the company. Initially, it was workout while you work, now it is fitness for all ages, abilities and lifestyles.”