Nov 15, 2018 • 24M

Fake It Til You Make It; Trader Edition

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Scott Kitun is joined by a rotating cast of tech and media personalities to break down the latest in startupland.
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This past year has turned a lot of average Joes into less-than-average investors, and we can thank the crypto surge for this. So you bought a share of a company, and then the stock dropped 60%... what do you do now? That's what keeps people away: the constant ups and downs of the market.

Some of us are afraid to buy stocks, some of us are afraid to sell stocks, but some of us are nuts and actually do both. We all know that one friend who can't tie their own shoes but somehow they're making money on stocks (coughSCOTTcough). What's stopping you from being that friend?

Rapunzl Investments founder Brian Curcio gives Scott investment advice in-studio at WGN Radio. Whether you’re a day-trader looking to make that quick buck, or you “hodl” every stock you have your hands on, you’d be much better off with some help. Shoot, even Scott needs some advice once in a while.