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Meet The Company Behind A Combustion Engine That Has Military and Commercial Builders Drooling 中


Can we just take a second to recognize how utterly insane it is that $AMC closed up 95% on Wednesday! Like, wtf. Seriously. Nobody has gone to a theater in 15 months 丹儭 The Meme Stonk craze is literally hitting fever pitch. Theres no precedence here; so buckle up and buyer beware these are dogshit (not to be confused with doge-shit) stocks But, theres money to be made here, if you have the stomach for it.

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In other news, theres a new audio medium taking the Net by storm. Its called Racket and I had its founder Austin Petersmith on my pod to talk about how/why/what the new short-form audio platform is all about. And, I must say, after taking it for a spin, I really dig it! Dont get me wrong, I understand why Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces is trending, but for me Racket is actually super functional and cool. Think audio text messages with a podcast-y feel.

If you want beta access to try Racket, DM me on Twitter @kitun.

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Company Bio

LiquidPiston develops advanced combustion engines based on the companys patented thermodynamic cycle and novel rotary engine architecture.

I cannot state this emphatically enough LiquidPiston just patented the largest engine innovation in more than 100 years. The impact of reducing the engine size by 10x and increasing efficiency by more than 30% enables military/emergency personnel to more easily generate remote power, extend EV range and allows drones and UAV technology to travel further faster.

In short, theyve reinvented the wheel, literally.

Meet the Founder

Watch my full interview withLiquidPiston founder, here.

Alexander Shkolnik is LiquidPistons Co-founder & CEO. Prior to this, Alex and his co-founder (and father Nikolay) have spent 15 years developing this innovation. Alex earned his PhD. from MIT in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and holds more than 50 patents.

Alex and his father Nikolay are somewhat legendary in the space; with more than 100 patents between them and accolades for days. From a mechanical engineering standpoint, theres no better duo to bet on.


  • Up to 10x smaller and lighter and 30% more efficient than a diesel engine, with 64 patents issued and pending

  • $9M in Department of Defense contracts with DARPA and the U.S Army. Successfully completed four industrial partner pilot studies signed in 2019, resulting in $1.1M of commercial revenue.

  • Raised $3.17M from three fully subscribed Regulation CF offerings from over 2,400 investors

  • Our latest Reg CF offering oversubscribed in just 9 hours!

  • Finalist / Award winner in several DoD and business competitions, including: the US Army xTechSearch 3.0; U.S. Army Innovation Combine; Sikorsky Entrepreneurship Challenge Grand Prize

LiquidPiston has more than $10m in DoD/Military contracts and the commercial application is ubiquitous planes, trains and automobiles. LPI has the ability to greatly increase range by reducing energy waste by simply adding its smaller, more efficient engines to the power supply change. The conversation around EV is currently focused on battery life and recycled energy but the reality is a truly energy efficient world still involves combustion engines and thats where LiquidPiston cleans up.

Terms & Takeaway

Invest in LiquidPiston here https://bit.ly/3caJTeS

Security Type: Equity
Valuation Cap: $69,100,000
Investment Goal: $28,100,000
Raised(as of publishing): $11,663,167
Minimum Investment: $756.00

Here's what I like:This is one of a few featured startups that is actually changing the world, by making engines that expend less waste. I absolutely love the market and attention paid to it $400 Billion to be exact. And, like most industrial innovation, it starts with government and military adoption. Get them to buy in and the rest will follow that is exactly what LiquidPiston is chasing. Theres a world where LiquidPiston engines are in literally everything you ride!

Here's what I don't love:Three things that stand out: 1) insane success requires other brands to throw in the towel and rely on or license LPIs tech to hit peak market adoption 2)any military tech has the potential of being withheld from commercial use (though less frequent nowadays) 3) at nearly $70m value cap this needs to be a runaway success for investors to get a big ROI.

Beyond value cap and market winds, LiquidPiston is in a slow moving space that deals in the billions and trillions of spend world, which enables it to have HUGE upside, but also huge risk potential.

That said, the IP alone is probably worth the ticket price.

Who should invest and why:If youre a Gearhead, this is just cool. Like really, really cool. Also, from space to military, government-backed tech has a looooong history of success in commercial markets. Basically, if LPI wins over the DoD and its tech were to only be used there; the annual spend is higher than most sovereign nations 仁

With a minimum investment of $756, its a bigger commitment than a Reg Cf deal, but youre buying actual shares in a real company that has major inroads and traction. This is probably not your first private investment, but it can be!

As always, startup investing is super high risk, anything can happen. So, don't invest money you need for gas... 踝

Invest in LiquidPiston here https://bit.ly/3caJTeS

Questions? DM me on Twitter @kitun

Disclaimer: It goes without saying, but this information should not be constituted as financial advice, my investing opinions are my own and all diligence is the responsibility of each individual investor.