November online investing, by the numbers

A summary of the movement across Reg CF, RegA and Debt last month


Despite seeing a decrease in new deals compared to October, November of 2023 saw an uptick in dollars invested. Wefunder once again came in as the top CF platform for amount raised, though commitments on the platform were down from October. Media, Entertainment & Publishing came in as the top industry for November. Here are some more key takeaways from private investing last month:

  • November closed with $71.1 million in committed capital across all deals, a 33% increase from October’s $53.2 million. 

  • Wefunder deals accounted for $9.7 million in Regulation CF equity commitments, the most of any platform. 

  • The Media, Entertainment & Publishing industry brought in $6.6 million in Regulation CF equity commitments. Last month Real Estate and Construction was the most popular industry.

  • 56 equity deals closed in November, 48 were Regulation CF and 8 were Regulation A.

  • In November 4 new equity Regulation A deals went live, along with 78 Regulation CF equity deals and 63 debt deals. 

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Brief: Seed Ranch Flavor is tapping into the burgeoning plant-based food market with its GrownAs Foods line, featuring plant-based Mac & Cheese and spicy sauces. Their products offer health benefits like zero cholesterol and high plant protein and provide a nutritious alternative to traditional dairy options. Distributed in over 1,400 retail locations, the company anticipates reaching $1.2 million in sales in 2023. It’s raising $1.2M with a valuation cap of $5.5M with a minimum investment of $200.

Key People: Seed Ranch Flavor is led by founder David Delcourt. Before founding Seed Ranch Flavor, David founded two ventures. One, MakeMeSustainable Inc. (MMS), was acquired by Noveda Technologies in 2011. The company advised homes and businesses on how to reduce their carbon footprint. His other venture, Siva Cycle, which provided power solutions for the bicycle industry, appears to be still active, though Delcourt seems to have stepped away.

Interested in Seed Ranch Flavor? Access the deal report HERE 🔓📈


Here's what we like: Seed Ranch Flavor is well-positioned in the growing market for plant-based foods. The company caters to the increasing demand for tasty and healthy alternatives to convenient comfort foods. Seed Ranch Flavor has expanded its distribution network and is now available in over 1,400 retail locations.

The company has also demonstrated revenue growth, with sales projected to reach $1.2 million in 2023. The increasing popularity of plant-based diets drives this growth. Seed Ranch Flavor's commitment to using only plant-based protein and zero-cholesterol ingredients aligns with customer demands, further enhancing its market potential. Finally, at $5.5 million, the company is valued appropriately and offers investors at this round a good price.

Here's what we don't: While the company offers unique plant-based Mac & Cheese and Spicy sauces under GrownAs Foods, it faces significant competition from indirect and direct competitors. Indirect competitors like Kraft have a strong presence in the market, while direct competitors such as Goodles, Annie's, Daiya, and Yellowbird also offer vegan sauces and mac and cheese products.

Additionally, the barriers to entry in the vegan foods market are relatively low, allowing new players to enter and compete with Seed Ranch Flavor. This increased competition could limit the company's market share and growth potential. Given the competitive landscape and low barriers to entry, investors should carefully assess the risks associated with Seed Ranch Flavor before considering an investment.

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  • Republic announced the public listing of its flagship digital asset, the Republic Note, marking a major step in democratizing private equity. The Note offers broad portfolio access, profit-sharing, and is accessible globally without traditional private market barriers. Tradeable on INX’s platform from December 6, the Republic Note combines liquidity, dividend payouts, and continual portfolio growth.

  • Meanwhile, Dalmore Group is celebrating a crowdfunding milestone, claiming $263,954,784 raised, showcasing the collective power of small and large investments in turning visions into reality.


HoldOn Bags (Closes Today)

HoldOn Bags provides an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags, offering plant-based, non-toxic, and fully compostable products. Designed for strength and everyday convenience, their range includes trash, storage, and kitchen bags that match the durability of traditional plastic but decompose rapidly. As a new market entrant, HoldOn Bags has garnered a $3 million revenue run rate with 60% gross margins and earned features in Buzzfeed, Forbes, and other major outlets, signaling growing brand recognition and commitment to environmental sustainability.

  • Valuation Cap: $5.5 million

  • Minimum Investment: $200

La Palapa (Debt)

La Palapa, a Mexican restaurant and Mezcal bar in Pittsburgh, is fundraising on Honeycomb. Known for authentic cuisine and catering, it operates both a physical location and two food trucks. With a loyal clientele and features in various publications, La Palapa seeks $35,000 to $70,000 to invest in kitchen and dining room equipment, bar construction, marketing, rent, and legal fees.

  • Interest Rate: 11%

  • Minimum Investment: $100

Carbon Counts merges mobile gaming with environmental action through its game EverForest, part of the Play-to-Plant genre. In EverForest, players grow virtual forests and interact with a dynamic ecosystem, leading to the planting of real trees in corresponding projects. With support from venture firms like Oceans Ventures and Winklevoss Capital, Carbon Counts aims for $100 million in revenue and 100 million planted trees by 2026.

  • Valuation Cap: $28 million

  • Minimum Investment: $100