The Most Popular Raises on KingsCrowd

A look at the most popular deals among our users on the platform

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this newsletter referenced LiquidPiston as a company that launched an initial public offering in error. The copy has been updated to include Knightscope instead of LiquidPiston in the bullet below.


KingsCrowd users can track their investments in the portfolio tools. We looked at the companies our users invested the most in since the creation of our tool. And the results aren’t surprising:

  • Our users are backing the crowdfunding industry. The deal they most invested in is StartEngine, closely followed by KingsCrowd.

  • They are also backing hardware companies building deeply technical products like LiquidPiston, which builds internal combustion engines, or R3 Printing, which builds 3D printers for mass production.

  • Two of these companies, Monogram Orthopedics (MGRM) and Knightscope (KSCP) have already launched an initial public offering (IPO) and given returns to investors.

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Brief: Carbon Counts is blending mobile gaming and environmental action with its Play-to-Plant game, EverForest. In EverForest, players engage in forest growth and exploration activities, corresponding to real tree planting in various projects. Carbon Counts is supported by prominent VC firms aiming for $100 million in revenue and 100 million trees planted by 2026. It’s raising $1.2M at a valuation cap of $28M with a minimum investment of $100.

Key People: CEO Michael Libenson is a three-time entrepreneur and two-time co-founder with two successful exits, including Upromise. With over 23 years of experience, Libenson brings knowledge and leadership to the team.

CTO Vikram Sahai is a veteran of 15 years from Google and the founder of two tech start-ups, one of which was successfully sold.

Interested in Carbon Counts? Access the deal report HERE 🔓📈


Here's what we like: Carbon Counts has attracted notable investors, including Grantham Environmental Trust, Susquehanna International Group (SIG), Builders Initiative, and Algorand. This support from respected investors signifies the potential of Carbon Counts' business model and its ability to generate significant revenue through transactional and advertising streams.

The addressable market for Carbon Counts is extensive as the global mobile gaming industry continues to grow rapidly. By offering a unique and environmentally conscious gaming experience, Carbon Counts can capture a significant share of this market and establish itself as a leader in the Play-to-Plant genre.

Here's what we don't: Carbon Counts operates in the highly competitive media, entertainment, and publishing industry with its mobile game, EverForest. While the company aims to merge mobile gaming with re-greening the planet, it faces tough competition from indirect and direct competitors. Indirect competitors like World Tree, The Nature Conservancy, and ReLeaf also focus on environmental conservation and reforestation efforts. Direct competitors such as Tappy Tree!, TreesPlease, and Longleaf Valley offer similar mobile games that aim to engage players in tree-planting activities.

Considering the moderately competitive landscape and the low barriers to entry in the industry, Carbon Counts may struggle to differentiate itself and capture a significant market share. The company's valuation of $28 million seems inflated, given its current stage and lack of proven revenue generation.

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In this Inside Startup Investing episode, host Chris Lustrino welcomes P.J. Tezza, founder of ModVans. Tezza shares insights into his transition from a software entrepreneur to revolutionizing the van manufacturing industry with ModVans. The conversation explores the unique challenges and triumphs of developing versatile, family-friendly campervans, offering a fresh perspective on innovation in the automotive sector.

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The global yogurt market is expected to hit $114.6 billion by 2025, spurred by growing consumer health awareness and demand for plant-based, lactose-free options. Lavva is capitalizing on this trend with its plant-based yogurt, crafted from whole foods like plantains, cassava root, coconuts, and Pili nuts. With no added sugar or flavors, Lavva's yogurt is a healthy alternative in the burgeoning yogurt industry.

  • Valuation Cap: $3.5 million

  • Minimum Investment: $100

Precycle (Debt)

Precycle, a Brooklyn-based zero-waste grocery store, is crowdfunding on Honeycomb. They cater to eco-conscious consumers and offer sustainable products ranging from pantry essentials to personal care items.

  • Interest Rate: 12.50%

  • Minimum Investment: $100

Madco3d, a construction technology firm, is set to disrupt the industry with its autonomous 3D printing systems. They address housing crises and coastal marine restoration by focusing on reducing costs, speeding up projects, and enhancing sustainability. While still pre-revenue, Madco3d has notable projects lined up, including homes in New Hampshire and a high-rise in New York.

  • Pre-Money Valuation: $29.8 million

  • Minimum Investment: $253