Jul 28, 2022 • 35M

Providing next-gen online safety through your router with Gryphon CEO John Wu

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Scott Kitun is joined by a rotating cast of tech and media personalities to break down the latest in startupland.
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John Wu, CEO of Gryphon, joins the pod with Scott Kitun. Gryphon is a wireless router built around online safety, privacy and protecting the central point of your digital life at home. John first starting thinking about the idea for the router after watching his young daughter access the internet and come across NSFW (or children) content. Scott and John catch up about the essential role of data in our lives, why we should care where it goes and treating children's digital lives with equivalent protections and safeguards we use in the physical world. John also shares new features coming to Gryphon including password manager functionalities, VPN and other privacy protections using  blockchain technology that transfer control away from third parties and into the hands of the user. 

Gryphon is currently raising a CF round on Republic