Sitemap - 2018 - Pitch Reviews

Three Quick Lessons in Disruption with Drew Lydecker

PediaSource: On-call, vetted childcare experts from neuropsychologists to potty trainers

Holistic Uses Data to Give Companies an “Employee Happiness” Credit Score

Chicago is more ethnically diverse than the entire US, but its VCs are not

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Fake It Til You Make It; Trader Edition

6 Tips for Successful Company Parties, Benefits and Other IRL Interactions

Startup Showcase: Talking with CEO Todd Unger

Watching eSports in a bar just like football Sunday... that's FanHome

The trick to marketing is to treat it like a first date

This startup just used video shoutouts to reinvent the autograph market

You ever order food? Chowly probably helped with that is shaking up the auto industry and making car leasing easier

Kevin Leland connects scientists to research funding with Halo

Why tech companies are flocking to legacy real estate

How to enjoy better wine with Winestyr

SwipeSense is improving hospital efficiency and sanitation

What top investors look for in founders

The bar of the future is here with Bartesian

Winston Privacy allows users to surf the web safely and keep your data secure

Jason Kolb on the “internet of insurance” and revolutionizing the industry

Developing Chicago's leaders to affect civic change

Creating rapid growth in the classroom through personalized learning

This startup aims to save millions of newborn lives through medical technologies

Rich Alapack knows no hate

The Top 3 (or 4) Tools Every Startup Needs

Tour your next office space from your couch

A look into the booming cannabis startup industry

HR should encourage growth, not just hire new people

Large companies fail at content, but you don't have to

How to find (and keep) a great salesperson

Tovala: A smart oven for everyone

Improving workplace culture w/ Holistic

We'll do anything for our pets, so get them the best kind of insurance, too

Rise Interactive CEO Jon Morris

In a factory, data is more valuable than the actual product

Correcting today's retail education w/ Progress

A business model based on hitting a hole-in-one

If we deny AI, we deny our own progress

3D printers your grandparents can figure out

Rent bikes wherever and whenever you want

G2 Crowd: from Iowa farms to P2P reviews

The inside scoop on Home Chef's $700 million merger

Alcohol tech is finally catching up to the rest of the world

A global political advocacy platform to serve local needs

ClearCover founder Kyle Nakatsuji

Lease a car (never buy!) to your front door

Print photos straight from your phone

Making social media happy again

Connecting Chicago through easy parking

(Finally) Easy leasing for tenants and landlords

John Roa: "Everything is there to stop you." Fight back.

Become the one in charge of your life again

Quality of service should be your top goal

All your data, one cloud-based engine

Survival lessons from a 25-year-old tech company

Have a happier, healthier dog

A holistic student-teacher relationship formed through tech

Office gym memberships to increase productivity

Whole30 approved, keto-friendly, 100% beef sticks

How do you become an influencer?

Rentgrata: Get real information about the apartments you’re searching

Outsource all your chores

Equal Pay Day Roundtable

You can only fix the problems you're interested in

Put these women on your Chicago tech radar

How Blue1647 is building an education movement in Chicago

Give scheduling a break; let Shedwool handle it

Actual, honest, patient-first health care

Eating well at work shouldn't be hard (or expensive)

How Boomers can retire without fearing bankruptcy

Back up every photo you ever take

Why AI is your best sales rep

Jiobit: safe, real-time GPS child monitoring

Reverb Foundation is bringing music back to schools

Chicago ranks #1 in returns to investors

Two-time winner of “Most Effective IT Team," ISAC

Scout Alarm offers the complete personalized home security package

Why people are naturally lazy with passwords

Look out March Madness, Chicago’s tech bracket is on FIRE

Branding is much more than just marketing

Packaging is important; it's the first thing your consumer sees

Get your selfie on TVs at Hooter's, Dunkin, and more

IT specialists: the modern superhero

FivetoNine founder Jasmine Shells

WolfPack is the newest buddy system for road hogs

P. Diddy or Bill Gates? Who do kids these days look up to?

A simple way to help your debt stop piling up

Daily office activities to improve morale and health

Tech-savvy Square Roots Kitchen serves fresh food, fast

ReAir: Gogo COO John Wade

What will flying in the future look like?

The future of the US economy is in Latin countries

You’re wasting money on software without Flexera

Three rules for building a community

You're wasting money on software

Hire tomorrow's business leaders today

Could Jane Technologies become the Amazon for cannabis?

Let AR design your home before you spend a penny

Accessible clean-eating in your office

A version of Google street view, but for indoors

STEM is just like the schools we grew up with

Are Chicago startups playing it too safe?

Mediafly: Close more deals by leading with content

Enterprise drone usage starts to soar

What happens when financial planners go into business with architects?

For companies looking to grow, Theron sees the path forward

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