Sitemap - 2020 - Pitch Reviews

Acorns for kids? EarlyBird is the gift of financial literacy

Havoc Shield gives SMBs the cybersecurity boost for the modern business climate

Is There Really Anyone Not Interested in Beer Delivery?

How TapRm could become the Shopify of beer

Bra-less designed clothing company Frankly delivers comfort, style and confidence

Reimagining thoughtful digital advertising with 1World Online

Investing in human capital with Candor Ventures

Invest in Safe, Scalable, Zero-Waste Inspired Farming

Edible Garden's sustainable produce points to the future of the food economy

Funimation CEO on the business of anime

Investing in Real Estate is About to Go Bananas

Megan Blu shows how to buy and flip a home with crowdfunding

Quim founder on the importance of vaginal wellness, thoughtful sextech and plant-based solutions

Own a piece of a car for when you need it with Upshift

3 Digital, Pandemic-Friendly Holiday Gifts and a Car-Sharing Startup Worth a Second Look

Mac the VC on success, entrepreneurship and giving founders a chance pre-seed

Ever Try Investing in a Company's Future Sales?

Intellivision makes a comeback with couch co-op console Amico for the whole family

Jellyvision's Brynn Michelich shares methods to grow team culture

Would You Invest in the Future of Home Buying?

Buy and sell your home without fees with Nada

HEY founder Jason Fried shares how to take back control of your email

Blended Sense empowers SMBs with the content marketing needed to drive revenue

I'm on a Mission to Bring Startup Investing to the Masses and This is How I'm Going to Do It!

Bleacher Report for Esports? Juked has all the bases covered

The story behind WeWork and Adam Neumann in "Billion Dollar Loser"

Why you should be creating your IRA for alternative assets

Pillar Booth gives you peace and quiet in your office

TrueNxus provides a straightforward way to collaborate across teams for project-based work

Cohesion puts your office back together, smarter

AnyCurb gets you the most value out of your home listing

John Roa takes the mask off entrepreneurship

Fast promises you'll never have to remember a password at checkout again

Gearflow brings the construction industry together with its online marketplace full of equipment and parts

Podia helps you decouple from corporate and build your own career

Obie streamlines insurance and risk management for the real estate investor

Proxfinity pivots to provide contact tracing to keep the workplace safe

Entrepreneurs and the "unemployables"

Pear Chef gives you the room service experience without the hotel

WMNFintech program by BMO Harris & 1871 evolves the accelerator concept for female founders

Sports BLX lets sports fans invest in their favorite players

Industrious shows what real office solutions will look like

Workbox provides the accelerator experience designed for our times

Purchasing Platform provides a one stop stop for property management needs with savings

Paylocity helps you hire and keep the best people

Meet M1 Finance: the all-in-one finance super app

Beaxy makes crypto trading easier

BlackCart lets you try before you buy for online shoppers

Why your digital privacy matters more than ever with Keeper Security

Understanding the job market and how to weigh your options with Marie Lynch

Amount makes online banking as easy as it should be

Capsule delivers prescriptions right to your door

Paro simplifies your need for financial services

Publicist is the online marketplace to find premium marketing talent

BetSperts brings sports experts together for online gambling

Stackin' sets you on the path to financial freedom

Stringr brings the long overdue video footage marketplace to the gig economy

Rheaply maximizes the value of your assets so you don't have to

Optimizing education for work with Thinkful

Coyote Logistics brings technological efficiency that prevents data paralysis

Swan Bitcoin helps you save for the future

Erik Severinghaus digs into the truth of entrepreneurship

Black Buffalo delivers the chewing tobacco ritual without the leaf or stem

Sienna Sauce lets you indulge guilt-free

Avionos co-founder on the future of the buying experience

Uberflip shows you how to make your content a better experience for your customers

ShipBob's success points to the future of e-commerce delivery

CuriosityStream puts facts and science wonders front and center with documentary streaming service

Michelle Wucker breaks down the Gray Rhino

Revaluating risk with rtrs

Greenfly opens the door for the future of content collaboration

Ohi brings Amazon speed for small businesses

Centro CMO Katie Risch

Theron Technology Solutions talks China and path forward for companies

OCV's Steph Janson talks investing for the long haul and finding sustainable value

This fundraising tool stack helps startups raise VC efficiently

Fig democratizes gaming by making fans the investors

PartySlate jumps into virtual events

Get in the game, says Roundhill Investments: Esports is projected to hit $1.8 billion by 2022

Stay in but ‘dine out’ while social distancing, thanks to Tock To Go

Sendoso's platform helps salespeople send personalized gifts — and close deals

Managing buildings takes a lot of energy: Energy CX helps companies conserve and save

This is how you innovate the most boring department with the biggest budget

Technori Update w/ Scott Kitun and the founders of Pour My Beer and Digital Adventure

With Draftbit, imagination — not budget — is the limit

Ride bikes and make new friends through Twisted Road, the Airbnb for motorcycles

In pursuit of ‘purer’ content: How Patreon empowers artists and creators worldwide

How Arturo is using AI to improve underwriting

Meet Wonolo, the company connecting local workers with on-demand jobs

Skip the concession line: Get your snacks and beer faster at sporting events with FanFood

LogicGate: the drag and drop software will make you feel like a governance, risk & compliance wizard

CMT Digital believes cryptocurrency can revolutionize how we handle money — if we let it

Groupon’s new CTO on why his job is more about people than tech

Your vitamin habit might be hurting your health: these doctors from Vous Vitamin created a better option

Slow and steady wins the race: The story behind ActiveCampaign’s success

How golf’s most unpredictable spokesman became the sport’s favorite interviewer

You can’t force teenagers to become safer drivers — so KarChing pays them to do it instead

This former CFO knows you hate financial planning — and he built Clockwork to help

Attention parents: MeTime wants to give you a (guilt-free) hour to yourselves

Why crypto exchange Kraken wants everyone in on digital currencies

Meet Unispace, the company designing offices around how we work today

Bigger isn’t always better: Programmatic Mechanics CEO explains why small and niche works in advertising

Robert Blackwell shows how risk can make sense for your business

Leaf Trade: Meet the Company Moving Cannabis Deals From Street Corners to Online Storefronts

Airshare takes your office to the skies with accessible private aviation

Vouch is the disruptive business insurance company for disruptive startups