Sitemap - 2021 - Pitch Reviews

If There's ANYTHING The Metaverse Might Actually Be Good For... It's Exercise!

A Personal Swim Coach on Your Wrist with More Than 1.5M Downloads

Prescription Delivery and Telehealth Company Pacing for $20M with 70% YoY Growth

If WeWork and Starbucks Had a Love Child It Would Look Like This

A Device Agnostic Sleep Operating System Designed To Give You Deeper Sleep (and pockets)

A DeFi Blockchain Solution Disrupting an $80B Diamond Industry One Payment at a Time

An Interactive Streaming App That Lets You Talk To The TV

Can Ultra Premium Eyewear at Half the Price Really Shake Up Warby Parker's $6B Market Share?

A Smart Home Solution For Window Blinds That Pays 2x Returns on Sales πŸ‘€

Finally, An IT Hub Designed Specifically For Marketers!

Major Pitch Review Updates, and a Content Streaming Company Making a Run For Your Money

If The Future of Food Means More 3D Pizza Printers Then Count Me In!

This Autonomous Farm Tool Company Can Increase Farm Efficiency By 30%

AI-driven Employee Readiness Tool Enabling Employers to Limit Burnout

Cyber Security Roll-up, Cybolt is Tracking $50M in Sales and Raising New Funds

The Future of On-Demand Manufacturing

This Kitchen Appliance Has Generated $20 Million in Revenue with Over 1 Million App Downloads

This Company Combines Virtual Events and Craft Wine Tasting for Huge Brands

A Wearable Display and Smart Lens System That Uses AR/VR to Help Visually Impaired People See

A Robotic Arm For Joint Replacements That Drastically Improves Operational Efficiency

Meet The Fastest Growing Global Pool of Vetted Software Developers

The Ultimate Engineering AI Assistant

A Social Network For Gamers

A Digital Menu Platform Revolutionizing Restaurant Gift Cards

A Mesh WiFi Network That Protects You From Hackers While You're Home Or On The Go

Fund Your Next Startup with a Founder Income Share Agreement πŸ‘€

Invest in an Accelerator Focused on Bridging The Gap Between US Markets and Global Startups

This Smart Sprinkler Simplifies Irrigation and Reduces Water Waste (and your bill) By 50%

Meet The Company Behind A Combustion Engine That Has Military and Commercial Builders Drooling 🀀

Roomba For Lawns? Invest In A Fully Autonomous Electric Lawn Mower With $19m In Pre-orders

Invest in a YC backed, Real Estate Platform Bringing Institutional Tools To Retail Investors

Are You Ready To Party? Meet FestivalPass (I Can't Think of a More Perfect 2021 Startup)

Invest in The Ultimate Travel Bag (and coffee maker)

Nostalgia Alert! Invest in The Top Video Game Remastering Company

Invest In The Future of Construction

Invest in a 23&Me For Actual Doctors

Invest in Rapid at Home Blood Testing Backed by Y-Combinator

A Digital Tutor Your Kids Might Actually Use

Invest in a Fast Growing Return to Cafe Style Coffee Shops

Founders Now Have $5 Million Reasons to Crowdfund

A $5 Billion Opportunity to Treat Heart Failure

Unicorn Alert: A Startup Saving The Food Industry From Itself, One DNA Test At a Time

What Would It Look Like If You Rolled NFL, Fantasy Football and Tecmo Bowl Into One League?

Invest in a Business Where 500 Customers Can Generate $15m in Revenue

It Doesn't Take a Genius to Find an Exit

Invest in the Fastest Growing Ad Sector; Out-of-Home Digital Is About To Test Facebook

Invest in a Beautiful Solution to Single-Use Plastics with $14 Million in Revenue

A Digital Energy Platform That Detects, Eliminates and Monetizes Energy Waste

Meet The Renewable Energy Company Using Algae to Reinvent Crude Oil.

Invest in How Ecommerce Responds to Post-Pandemic Shopping.